The Jeopardy Room
March 2, 2018

Daly Barnett
Danielle Criqui
Kodi Fabricant
Maggie Fitzpatrick
Audrey Gair
Christina Haines
Mitch McGuire
Patrick Schlotterback

Evening Hours is pleased to welcome you to The Jeopardy Room.

Inside the room there is a replica of the 210 Dahill Road coffee table using stacks of drawings, sketchbooks, artist books, etc. This is the centerpiece of our shared practice.

There are some flowers on the table.

Three mannequins are standing.

There is my old sleeping bag with photographs of our “smoking windows.” Someone is in it.

The bench is the stage. Performers sit on the bench. Anyone can use the microphone.

There is a slideshow of photos taken while driving around with a friend.

There is a bowl and an eighth.

A stick sculpture hangs from the ceiling. While the sculpture is designed to rotate, it’s too big for the room. It gets stuck and can only go back a forth a little bit.

The mini fridge is moved to the center of the room. Guests are invited to use the mini fridge to make themselves a drink or to store their own drinks.

A speaker plays a soundtrack compiled by several friends.

There are readings by Kodi Fabricant and Maggie Fitzpatrick.