Matthew Tully Dugan: Impurity's Taste
December 14, 2015

“Infinitely arbitrary in the diluted composite of the sublime
The blue sun rises slow on the hot wake of death.
Let the ultra violet heave itself into your brain
and flick the switches that turn destitution
into eviscerated splendor, or noxious pink revelation.
Atop the tar covered peaks of iridescent mania these cordial rays strike deeper,
glistening through the monarchy of unevicted grey,
into the core of a glorified adolescent sanctity.
Here the oxygen is starved and the compunctive nirvana of disinhibited haste
recoils like the blood drained member of ejaculate vanity.
Hark the herald angel of sexless affinity
let it absolve the inherent truths of purpose with the incantations of love and severance.
Meet me with your cyanide tongue oh king of retrograde antithesis
and teach me the ethereal law that conscience can never learn”

When discerning the elemental properties of an object or immediate environment the human body implements a vast array of involuntary and conditioned sensory faculties to distinguish whether the object or environment is enjoyable or repugnant. As an individual matures, the autonomously hardwired response to various properties of smell sight touch sound and taste take on more complex interpretive associations to hierarchical stimuli, having informed each of these senses through a seemingly infinite history of experience. Throughout a lifetime these quantitative instincts come to inform the choices that make up the gamut of reaction from desire to aversion, carefully tuning the idealistic outcome of postulative free will and ultimately the subjective recourse of a self manifested abstract version of objective reality. This dichotomous transcendence of naturalized perception brings into question the elemental properties of existence itself as the academic justification or scientific elucidation of any inscrutable truism can be negated as an affected vernacular of a suggestive reality rather than an unadulterated pure form of it. How then must an assessment be made about the objectness of a sense’s presumption without a baseline to establish what is and what isn’t? It is only by acknowledging the merit of the variable as a necessary and undeniable component of the elemental structure of all things, being distinguished exclusively as the utmost admissible truth of the experientially based object, in particular when discussing the valuation of that which is fabricated through cognitive action. To inform this permutated actualization of manifested reality it is the essential duty of the creator to include the entirety of an object’s composition in its presentation in order to classify in veritable terms the purpose therein. This purpose is quantified by the defacto disambiguation of the characteristics of an object that allow one to recognize the nature of its being through the total understanding of extraneous components that implicate the impurity’s taste.

Please join us on Monday, December 14th, for Matt's first solo exhibition in New York.