A Most Unusual Camera
November 15, 2015

Stephen Booth
Seán Boylan
Lauren Brick
Amanda Horowitz
Nicholas Lynch
Chloe Maratta
Amelia Meekins
Adi Shachar
Colin Van Winkle
Bettina Yung

Evening Hours presents a moment prior to the performance. Here, we extend the point before the main act indefinitely, attending to the format in place of the feature.

Inside the space, a small speaker is arranged for a performance. It is on the ground or propped on a bucket or box. A microphone rests on a stand near the closet.

There are some metal folding chairs in the space, maybe some are leaning against the wall, but some are also unfolded, facing the microphone. There is an object amongst the chairs, but it isn't really a chair.

In the back of the space a dress hangs from the ceiling. Every show at this place has something hanging from the ceiling.

Behind the dress is another bag hanging on the doorknob. People can put trash in it.

There are beer cans in a bucket. It is hard to get the cans out of the bucket. There is something on the cans.

Outside, on the sidewalk, lays a floor or pieces of a floor, and some shoes.

Join us Sunday, November 15th, at 8pm.